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Statistician-Online offers transparent & reliable statistical consultancy service to researchers, businesses & PhD students. Contact and hire freelance statistical consultant for your data analysis or medical statistics help in research project or dissertation

I am freelance statistician based in Bristol (UK) offering statistical consulting services online in all aspect of statistical data analysis

I am Research Associate (Statistician) at the University of Bristol and I have previously worked for Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia, University of Oxford as a Medical Statistician. I hold masters in Medical Statistics from the University of Leicester where I also hold specialization in Genetic Epidemiology. I am also John Henry Brookes Scholar of Oxford Brookes University.

I have extensive experience in analysing longitudinal, time to event data from epidemiological studies. As a mix of both, theoretical and applied Statistician, I thrive to explore and apply novel statistical methods to data of various types. Most recently, this has included the implementation of multivariate time series models to explore the relationship between two or more time-series. My other interests are clinical trial design and analysis, survival analysis, mixed models and analysis of data-set with statistical complexities (i.e. with missing data, sparse or unbalanced). I am a proud R user and experienced in analysing data with SPSS, STATA, WinBUGS, StatXact, and MLWin.

I am fully registered with our professional body Royal Statistical Society (RSS) UK (Registration number 125676). I advice you to check if you are looking to hire statistical consultant online for your research project.

I aim to provide reliable and accessible freelance statistical consultancy service at affordable rates

To learn more about me, please take a look at my web site or send me a message to find out how can we work together.

  • Advice on proposed study or investigation, optimum study design and it’s conduct in context of statistical power and validity
  • Formulating statistical analysis plan, data analysis and interpretation
  • Advice on data collection methods, randomisation plans, sample size and power calculation
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Advanced statistical modelling in variety of data types - time series, time to event data, Bayesian modelling in clinical trials, biostatistics.
  • Systematic reviews and meta analysis
  • Data visualisation, publication quality graphics
  • Reports for research articles, dissertation, PhD thesis or abstract

  • Email : moc.enilno-naicitsitats@natehc
  • Phone or text : +44 7392 339 862
  • Skype : Statistician-Online

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